Candida, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Candida, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Candida overgrowth (yeast infection) is caused by the same root cause as diabetes type 2 and insulin resistance, and that is the wrong food combination.  Meals that contain high fat and high refined sugar are meals that cause candida overgrowth, insulin resistance and diabetes type 2.  There is no sense in debating which is more of the culprit: fat or sugar.  It’s the combination that is the culprit.  Examples are doughnuts, cakes, cookies, pancakes with a lot of butter and syrup, candy bars, soda pop with french fries, soda pop with any high fat food, wine or beer with bread dipped in oil, and any high carb drink with fried food or other high fat food.

Candida and diabetes type 2 are very easy to reverse by simply being aware of the fat and refined sugar content of your meals and by reducing your intake of high fats and refined sugars in combination.

High fat foods are foods like butters, oils, lard, eggs, dairy milk and cream, ice cream, many meats, most desserts, candy bars and even too many nuts or too much avocado.

High refined sugar foods are foods like soda pop, ice cream, syrups, desserts, candy bars and even breads and crackers made with white flour. Lastly, fruit juices are considered refined sugar as the fiber has been removed.


~Eat more whole fruits, fruit meals, fruit smoothies.  Eat fruit as a meal, as a snack and as a dessert! (Fruit is NOT considered to be “refined” sugar.  “Refined” sugar is when the fiber provided by nature has been removed and the concentrated sugar is used as an ingredient or stand alone food.)

~Eat more steamed vegetables such as roots such as carrots and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower.

~Eat more leafy greens. Eat a salad at least once per day.  Watch out for fatty dressing though.

~Avoid or limit butters, oils, lard, eggs, dairy, meats, ice creams, desserts, candy bars, soda pop and breads made with white flour.

~Eat fruit smoothies (instead of fruit juices) as the smoothies are the whole fruit blended and are not “refined sugar” foods.  To thin your smoothies, use water or almond milk, cashew milk etc. or coconut water (not fruit juice). A high-power blender makes the smoothest smoothies!

~Use frozen fruits to make truly fat-free ice cream desserts at home. You will need a high-power blender for this.

~Your high fat meals should include one type of fat at a time and should include the plant fiber.  In other words, eat a half of an avocado OR a handful of nuts OR a handful of seeds, not all three at one time, and eat the whole food, not avocado oil or almond oil, etc.  Eat the intact foods as provided by nature.

~Your high sugar meals should not be “refined.”  In other words, your sweet foods should include the fiber nature intended. For example, eat the whole mango, the whole ripe banana or whole dates for example.

~Eat the high sugar sweet fruits away from the high fat meals in general.

This is so important, I will repeat it:

Eat more fruit!  Eat more raw and steamed vegetables! Eat more leafy greens!


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