Be Fit

Be Fit

Be Fit.  Feel good.  Look good.  Experience normal body functions.  Accomplish all of your daily goals.

Here’s a potential game changing meme: fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  More specifically, if the goal is to reduce or keep fat stores limited, the most efficient path is to focus on a healthy diet rather than focus on exercise.  Both are beneficial to ones health, but improving your diet will reap significantly larger benefits, but of course exercise is important too! (just not as important!!).

In other words, it is far more efficient to simply not eat the cupcake rather than eat the cupcake and then exercise an extra 30 minutes to try to burn the “cupcake” calories.  If like most of us, you struggle with not eating every time you feel the impulse to eat, then try reaching for a piece of fruit instead of chips, pastries or pretzels.  We find that having ready-to-eat fruit such as cleaned and cut-up apples, pears, melons or a bowl of berries always handy goes along way to address the impulse.

Here’s another meme for you…. Casual movement counts! Movement like walking counts!  Whether it’s walking, housecleaning, yard work, food preparation, laundry, cooking, peddling a stationary bike while watching TV, make physical movement more of a priority in your life. It all counts and is effective towards your fitness goals.

Eating foods with fiber is key to eating a normal (not excess) amount of calories.  ONLY plant foods have fiber.  Animal flesh and animal secretions completely lack fiber, which means they have a lot of calories in a small volume which means they fill up less of the stomach than high fiber foods which means when eating animal flesh and animal secretions, the stomach requires more and more volume of food (which PS and by the way is usually high calorie) before telling the brain (via nerves) the stomach is full.  Eat lots and lots of steamed vegetables, fruits and leafy green salads.  You need to eat a lot of plants in order to get enough calories, and by eating a lot, you then feel full. No need to starve or go hungry.

Forget about protein.  If rhinoceros, gorillas, horses, cows, elephants, etc. are super strong by eating plants (they don’t eat animals), then you can be too.  Eat plenty of raw plants and limit your fat intake.  Exercise a few times per week.  You will become fit and strong too.

Now that you have an understanding of how to efficiently limit excess fat stores in your body, think about a plan for getting stronger.

(1) Strength train the whole body + (2) Cardio train + (3) Stretching.  All three are important.

Get fit!  Just do it! Create a plan and work it!  Use your calendar and recruit friends and family to help work your plan!