Reverse Disease

Reverse Disease

If you have one or more of the following diseases, compared to some, you are lucky, because these diseases are generally easy to reverse by following a healthy organic, low fat vegan diet.  Lucky, because think of those individuals who are not yet aware of the diseases lurking within. People without symptoms often end up far worse, like dead. Symptoms can be a lucky thing when they alert and motivate us early enough to get on the health track. Lucky because diseases like autoimmune diseases are much more difficult to reverse than the diseases in the list below.

The lucky ones:

  1. high blood pressure
  2. diabetes, insulin resistance, candida
  3. high cholesterol, triglycerides
  4. obesity, overweight

Three great places to learn how to reverse disease including reducing cancer cells:

1. True North Health Clinic in Santa Rosa, California.  Affordable.  Check it out!

2. Hippocrates Health Center in West Palm, Florida. Significantly more expensive than True North.

3. The Gerson Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico and there is also a clinic in Hungary.

True North is the great!  True North includes all meals (salt-free, oil-free and sugar-free, “SOS” organic vegan, both cooked and raw. ) It also includes lodging, educational talks, access to their entire DVD collection of educational videos, yoga classes, etc.  You are assigned a medical doctor who provides continuous monitoring that includes both an intake and and exit exam at the end of your stay.  No enemas. A doctor checks your vitals twice daily. The choices at True North include:

  1. buffet style (super healthy), SOS whole food, vegan, cooked and raw, three meals per day plus salad bar and fruit any time of day
  2. juice “fast” with only 600 calories of low glycemic fruit/vegetable juice to obtain the benefits of water fasting but more slowly and with less power than a water fast
  3. water fast, a true “fast,” which means 100% rest as in no nerve energy going towards digestion. All nerve energy goes towards internal “housekeeping,” killing cancer cells, removing toxic stores in fat cells, etc.

Hippocrates Health Center seems great too but more pricey.  Raw foods.  Mostly non-sweet foods like sprouts, greens, vegetables, etc.  Not a lot of fruit.

The Gerson Clinics are reported to be effective in reversing many diseases as well.

All of these clinics can provide assistance and support in proactively preventing dis-ease, resolving disease and sickness, and all of these clinics are excellent for helping you create health and reverse many diseases like the ones listed above.